Why Create Custom Pens that Stand Out

Written by Kimberly Morris

]If you’re interested in ordering a batch of custom pens with your brand name on them to help generate exposure – great, but have you considered how much you’re going to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s face it, nowadays there are custom pens floating around from various companies and organizations – but how many of them do you really remember. Sure, this is a great way to spread your brand name far and wide, but is it really going to be noticed?

When it comes to getting noticed, the trick with using custom pens is simple – you need to find those that stand out.

Pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry that creates custom pens inevitably ends up choosing one with a fairly normal inscription – but even that can be made to stand out. Most places that handle inscriptions at very least allow you to pick the font that will be used – and choosing something unique is pretty much the easiest way of trying to make your pens stand out.

Naturally, if you really want you could go a couple of steps further. While this may be more expensive, you’ll find that there are shops out that that allow you to create custom pens where you actually customize the design of the pen itself.

This makes the entire pen itself unique, and that accomplishes two things:

  • It will make your custom pens much more appealing to people
  • It will make your brand stand out and be noticed by people

Unfortunately, the reason why many brands don’t go down this route is simple: Custom pens with custom designs are often considerably more expensive to create than the ones with inscriptions. Think of it this way: Instead of just inscribing a word or two, creating a custom designed pen actually means manufacturing it from scratch.

Because of this fact, you’re definitely not going to want to mass produce these sort of pens, but you might want to create a handful for ‘special’ purposes. For example, you could distribute a handful to your first few customers, or you could give one to your 100th, 500th and 1000th customer.

Alternatively you could even simply give it to your managers and senior staff.

Whatever the case, you should be starting to see why it is important to create custom pens that stand out. Standing out and getting noticed is definitely important to every business, and you should definitely attempt to achieve that with your pens.

Sure, it might not be as easy as you first imagined – but the rewards that come with getting your brand name noticed make creating custom pens that stand out definitely worth their weight in gold!

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