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Try Looking Online for a Council House Exchange

Written by Kimberly Morris

If you’re living in a council house and are looking to move to a new location, it can be rather difficult. Unlike regular property, you can’t just sell your house and buy a new one – but rather, you’re going to have to look for a council house exchange.

This involves looking for someone else in council housing who is willing to essentially ‘swap homes’ with you.

Unfortunately, as many people who have tried this process realize – it can take quite some time. Not only will you have tons of paperwork to fill out, but it will take time before your local council processes all that paperwork and lists your house. Then it will take even longer for you to find suitable houses or for people to find yours and contact you.

The good news is: There is an alternative.

With the internet, more and more people interested in council house exchange are going online, and there are a ton of websites out there that allow people to list their houses and browse listings by others interested in swapping.

So the benefits of going online and checking out these websites are twofold:

  • You can list your house on various websites as being interested in a council house exchange so that people may perhaps see that listing and contact you, and
  • You can view listings of council houses in the area you’re interested in moving to whose owners are already interested in swapping!

Basically, this can speed up the process of a council house exchange considerably, and put you directly in contact with people who are interested in swapping houses. Most of the listings will not only have details of the owner’s property, but it will also have details of the location and type of houses they’re interested to swap for – which means that you should be able to easily see whether or not you could work something out.

Instead of sitting around waiting for forms to be processed, this is a great way to be a little more proactive and start the search for a new council house as soon as possible. All said and done, the most that you stand to lose is a little bit of your time spent browsing various listings.

Plus you need to also realize that unlike browsing through magazine listings, using the search features on online websites can halve the time that you’ll take to look for property!

In a nutshell, going online to help look for a council house exchange is just a plain good idea. Frankly speaking, there are no downsides to doing so and if you’re lucky you could very well find a property that is exactly what you’re looking for!

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