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Getting to Know the Town of Pale, Bosnia Herzegovina

Written by Kimberly Morris

Straddling the Sarajevo Valley and Drina River Basin, Pale is both the name of the town and the municipality that it occupies. While it is by no means a big town, it has had its own claims to fame and its fair share of history too!

Settlements in Pale are said to have begun in the Middle Ages, but there is evidence to suggest that it might date back even further than that. Still it was only in the 1900s that the town itself began to actually grow and begin to resemble what it looks like today.

With acres of sprawling country on either side, Pale is a truly picturesque sight. Its natural beauty has been one of its main attractions, but because of its strategic location it has often been used for trade and even military operations.

On top of that Pale has had its fair share of tourism too, and was once the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Till today, its ski center remains extremely popular and is very well known amongst slope aficionados.

Coupled with the immense hunting grounds in the area, and it is easy to see why people flock to Pale year in and year out.

Even the academic community has a stake in the town, with the Orlovaca cave being a rich paleontological site that contains amazingly fossilized remains and some extremely beautiful cave ornaments.

Still, Pale has never been the most populous of towns and in recent years the upheaval in the area due to the Bosnian War had a very big impact on its normal activity. For a time it was even the administrative capital of the Republic Srpska (Serb Republic).

Since the war ended, normality has slowly crept back and Pale is now beginning to enjoy a revival of sorts. This is evident from the influx of people into the town and the progress that has been made there in recent years.

Overall, while Pale might appear to be a quaint little town to outsiders – it pulses with a depth of cultural and historical background that cannot be overlooked. Couple that with the attractions in the area as well and you should be able to see why this is one town that is definitely worth paying a visit.

Because of the part that tourism has played, there are numerous hotels, lodges and other forms of accommodation available – and now that you have started to get to know the town of Pale already, it should be easy enough for you to figure out whether you’d like to pay it a visit.

If you do, be sure to book in advance so you don’t end up arriving smack in the middle of peak season and unable to find a place to stay!

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